Basketball Banquet

My basketball banquet is tonight and it starts at 7PM at the Whitney Oaks club house. Coach Steve Taylor will be there as well as my teammates and it should be a good night. I hope to receive an award for being on my high school basketball team, and get a chance to say something to the team. My parents and Grandpa Brewer are going to be there as well. It has been a great season and I will remember it for a very long time.

2nd Annual Unified Game

The 2nd annual Unified basketball game was at Rocklin high school this year. Before the game I was interviewed by KCRA 3 and got asked questions about the game and how I was feeling. At the game, there was a lot of people in the crowd, including some of my basketball teammates. I made two three pointers in the game last Thursday. At first, I seemed to miss a lot of shots especially since I am a senior in high school. I feel like i let my team down, but I was also enjoyed  teaching the ILS kids the game of basketball. It was awesome they are getting a chance to play basketball as a team and learn the game. I wish I could play another game on the Rocklin high basketball court. In the end, we played really well, but we lost to Whitney.  It was a fun night a night that I will remember for a very long time.

Unified Game

Tomorrow, March 2nd,  is the Unified basketball game vs Whitney. Tip off is at 6PM so hopefully we will be able to get a large crowd. I have been working hard to prepare myself for this big day and big game by shooting some extra baskets at lunch. I am feeling good about the game because we have the home court advantage and the crowd will be awesome. I want a lot of people saying “Jackson Jackson go Jackson Brewer” ,but as long as everyone is loud it will be fun!

Granite Bay wins leads to Senior Night

Last night we played Granite Bay and won! the score was 88-83 and close till the end. The first half we played really good and started to build a lead. When the second quarter started we started to pull away at one point in the game we had a 10 point lead. We really played well as a team last night. Our passing was the big difference.  And in the locker room after the game we were very excited because we got  the win. Nick ohler was on fire, he had 8 three pointers last night and scored a total of 33 points.We also play tomorrow night against Nevada Union. Sadly, it’s senior night for the seniors. I might cry and I will be very emotional because it will be the end of the regular season. I will remember senior night for a very long time.

Thunder Takes on the Trojans

Tonight we have a road game vs Oak Ridge high school and it should be a good game. I hope my team can get a big lead so they can put me in the game. The tip off is at pm so it might be a late night, but I’m sure we are gonna win. On Friday we have another road game at Folsom. We need to get two wins in order to make sure we have a shot at spot at playoffs.jackson-back

Revenge on the Golden Eagles

Friday night we play Del Oro at home. We played them in their house and we lost baldy. But tomorrow night we are gonna beat Del Oro. The game starts at 8 so hopefully we have a good crowd. I am confident that we are going have a good game because we are in our house now. I know I am gonna cheer my team on tomorrow night and motivate us to get the win. Last time we played them it was close at halftime, but the 3rd quarter started we went cold we couldn’t make up for our mistakes. When the 4th quarter started we were trailing by and we lost to Del Oro. In the end, I know we will get revenge on the Golden Eagles.

Thunder takes on the Bulldogs

1.17_VBasketball_Ramirez043.jpgTonight’s game we play Folsom high school and it’s going to be a good match up.  Coach Steve Taylor said Folsom will be a great match up for our team. This game is could be confidence builder for us because on Friday we play a very good team, Woodcreek High school. We will be on the road for the Timberwolves so we need to get the W tonight. I am certain we are gonna win tonight, we will have a home game tonight vs Folsom so hopefully the crowd will be able to give us the home court advantage. I hope I get playing time tonight to impress my teammates.